The Companion Project

Included with your purchase of Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe you will receive a companion project that includes all of the source code, and will receive free updates for life.

Key Features

Subscription Management

Including an account overview page for downloading invoices, swapping plans, and canceling their subscriptions.

Customized Receipts

An interface allowing customers to download PDF-formatted invoices for their subscription-oriented orders. Plus instructions for fully customizing it to your brand.

Digital Downloads

An automated one-time URL generator which gives customers purchasing downloadable products the ability to autonomously download their products following successful purchase.

Contact Form

A contact form which takes advantage of Laravel 5's form requests feature and utilizes Mandrill for sending.

Client Side

Bootstrap, jQuery and Elixir integration. Including implementing Stripe.js and validating the credit card form.

Administration Console

A restricted administration console which includes a product catalog, image uploading, and order manager.

About the project

We Dew Lawns is a fictional multi-generational family business which has historically promoted their services through traditional media, including the phone book, mailbox flyers, and local newspaper advertisements. Grandson Todd McDew has recently taken the reins, and although he's the first to admit being more comfortable working on a lawn mower than a website, Todd is determined to bring the company into the 21st century.

After an initial consultation, Todd has concluded he would like to work with you on creating an official company website. However, in order to minimize risk and expense, he insists the project be completed in several phases. Each chapter of this book guides you through a new project phase. At the conclusion of each chapter you'll be quizzed by Mr. McDew regarding various implementation decisions made throughout the phase, and if you can sufficiently respond to his questions you'll be invited to work on the next phase!

You can interact with the companion project via the website. You'll receive all of the very same code used to power this website!

Easy Ecommerce

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