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  • Restricting Laravel Controller Access to Authenticated Users

    Laravel provides two simple middleware-driven solutions for restricting controller access to authenticated users. In fact every new Laravel project implements one of the solutions by default, restricting access to the Home controller. In this blog entry adapted from our book, "Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe", we'll show you how to restrict your own controllers using middleware.

  • Handling Coupons with Stripe and Cashier

    Laravel Cashier is fantastic for working with Stripe. It provides a simple API for handling common tasks associated with subscriptions. In this tutorial we'll take an in-depth look at working with subscriptions and coupons.

  • Stripe Buy Button Fundamentals

    You've likely seen the Stripe Buy button in action, but might not yet be familiar with exactly how it works, nor how it seems to magically pass along payment-related information to an application controller. In this Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe excerpt we'll introduce the Buy button, and explain how Stripe automatically injects hidden form fields into the purchase form following successful credit card validation.

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